TOMLES Company Dedicated to wood

The company is based on a family tradition that dates back to the beginning of wood industry in Šentjur. The Tomles company, which still exists today, was founded in 1997. We are happy that people still have a feeling for wood and its lines. Creating a pleasant living environment and taking care of nature can go hand in hand. The biggest steps in the field of development have been made in recent years. We strive to maintain the quality of wood so that our customers are satisfied. We try to fulfil their ideas and wishes. We will continue our story to the future.


TOMLES Sales Program

We offer high quality veneer of various types of trees. We use timber that corresponds to the best quality standards of veneer manufacturing.


Wood has been accompanying man from ancient times to the present day. The quality of living is in harmony with nature.

The positive qualities, such as warmth, pleasantness of touch and many others, give wood a special advantage. Wood is a material that does not have competition.

Each tree grows in a different place, each board tells its own story, which makes every piece of furniture unique.

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